Business Name:

Yumasoy Foods Ltd.


Vancouver, BC

About Us:

Yumasoy Foods is a Vancouver-based, women-owned and operated company and is the parent company of Om Noms. We are on a mission to change the meat replacement game and bridge the gap between health and convenience by bringing high protein plant-based options to the market that are not only flavourful and easy to make, but also made with real, all recognizable ingredients. A recent addition to the plant-based market, Om Noms has grown a loyal fan base and can be found in stores across Canada, and in restaurants in BC.

We Sell:

We sell Om Noms, high-protein, plant-based meat alternatives that are made using whole non-GMO soybeans and real and recognizable ingredients without chemicals or preservatives. Om Noms come in 4 flavours – Mediterranean Herb, Original, Teriyaki, and Thai Yellow Curry. They are versatile, enjoyed on their own or as an addition to a wrap, salad, pizza, pasta, stir-fry, or poke bowl. The opportunity to make meals with Om Noms is endless.

Unlike other plant-based proteins which are trying to imitate meat and often use isolated proteins, a chemical process used to extract proteins, and/or use unpronounceable additives or ingredients to mask tastes of vegetables, Om Noms use the whole soybean which provides a complete protein with all essential amino acids. Because Om Noms are pre-marinated and pre-cooked, they are convenient to make similar to other plant-based meat substitutes but with a clean, all recognizable ingredient label.

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Supporting local, to me, is about caring about the community within which we live and making it stronger. It’s a celebration of the invaluable contributions we all make to our economy and communities. By actively choosing to shop local, we ensure that money circulates within our community, giving back and nurturing both innovation and growth. This commitment also extends to supporting and encouraging our community friends and family to flourish in their businesses, creating a thriving local ecosystem.

Ready to Shop?

We are located across several retail stores across Canada, which can be found here:

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