Business Name:

Wild Melon



About Us:

Wild Melon founder, Meredith Dew, believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and the clothing they wear.

After years of struggling to find comfortable and stylish clothing to fit her postpartum body, she realized there was a significant gap in the fashion industry for a one-stop-shop boutique that catered to diverse body types and celebrated body positivity.

In January of 2021, Wild Melon was born, and has grown into a thriving company that is dedicated to providing comfortable, stylish, and body-positive clothing for all.

We Sell:

Wild Melon specializes in comfortable clothing for curvy sized women! We are passionate about creating fashion that fits every body type, and we believe that women of all shapes and sizes should feel confident and beautiful in their clothing.

Wild Melon is the perfect cross between comfort and style. Selections include tees, hoodies, leggings, joggers, and so much more.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means showing solidarity with my community, promoting local economic growth, and celebrating diversity and individuality. Wild Melon supports other local businesses through purchases, recommendations, and collaborations.

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