5 Reasons your Business Should be using Pinterest

So you’re using Instagram to reach new customers, sell your products and share inspiring content.

What’s the next move for using social media to your advantage? Get on Pinterest!

Not sure it is worth your time and energy? Here are reasons why you should set up a Pinterest business account TODAY.

1. You can directly connect your website’s product catalogue

Business accounts can now create shoppable pins directly from their product listings. Simply connect your website’s RSS product feed with your account to display your products alongside all of your great content. New pinners who find your profile will be immediately introduced to your business without needing to leave the platform! 

It’s worth noting that your business account must be active for a minimum of three months before you can add your products – the sooner you start an account the better. 

2. It will drive more traffic to your website 

Pinterest is able to drive more website traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube combined. It has also been proven to have an 80% higher virally rate and be 3x more effective at generating leads than Twitter. If these are channels you use already, Pinterest is a must.

3. The new idea pins are game-changers

Pinterest has implemented a new pin-type called ‘idea pins’ that act similarly to Instagram stories. The difference is that they live on forever! You can share ideas on how customers can use your product or re-share content from other platforms to really maximize your efforts. 

4. It can help better define your brand style

Creating boards that reflect your brand’s interest and lifestyle will attract other pinners interested in similar content. Let’s say you have a cookie decorating business, creating themed boards with different styles will not only provide you with inspiration but inspire other accounts to follow along on your creations for inspiration.

5. Content lasts longer than most platforms

After a pin is published, it takes three and a half months to gain HALF the total viewership over the course of its lifetime. Pinterest is very different from Instagram in that content is a slow burn instead of a quick spark. You can also take advantage of SEO strategy within your captions to maximize views from those searching for ideas.

Are you on Pinterest yet? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!


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