Business Name:

Umlaut Jewellery


Vancouver, BC

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

I started designing jewellery back in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I started designing with plants. I have always loved gardening and my family and I had been living on Vancouver island and growing all our own veggies. I really got to know the land we were on and my connection and appreciation of nature grew. That is when I decided to merge my two hobbies, jewellery and gardening. I wanted to share my love of plants with the world.

We Sell:

Umlaut Jewellery, inspiring a love of plants. Umlaut’s nature inspired jewellery is handcrafted in Vancouver, BC by designer Zoe Olver. The jewellery is designed to cherish our connections with nature. Each piece features an embossed print made using real plants foraged from gardens and forests around the Vancouver area. The jewellery is made using .925 sterling silver for a long lasting piece that can be worn everyday.

Umlaut designs jewellery with meaning that can be worn and cherished everyday. Choose from seasonally changing botanical prints on Umlaut’s classic designs.

Supporting local to me means:

Uplifting and upholding the creativity and diversity that exists right on our doorsteps.

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