Business Name:

Two Bridges CandleWorks


Telkwa, British Columbia

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

We are a small business with a huge heart up in Northern BC.  As an allergy sufferer, and so deeply aware of more and more people with chemical and scent sensitivities, I know first hand how difficult it can be to get beautiful, scent free candles. I lovingly create – All  % Eco -Soy Wax, Eco Cotton Core Wicks, and Yaay – **Entirely Scent Free** for –  sensitivities, allergies  scent free workplaces & locations  pet friendly & kiddo friendly!!  Locally hand poured with love in small batches   Clean burning, long lasting, no icky soot  Hand  Marbled with WAX & kid /skin safe, candle colors We take the guesswork out of gifting  when you are unsure of allergies or preferences  Beautiful, Simply Elegant, Home Decor made especially for you  We are open for wholesale and individual sale, are a register business provincially as well as in our beautiful municipality and I am so proud to be a Love Telkwa and Love Northern BC Business 

We Sell:

100 % Eco Soy Wax, Vegan, Sensitivity Aware, Scent Free Candles, Hand Poured, Small Batch.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

As a small business, supporting Local businesses and our friends, neighbors and community is everything to us ❤ It is the heart and soul of everything we do. We source all materials as locally as we can, within BC, or within Canada as much as possible. We care and want to be available to you as a local source, bringing value and care to you and encourage shopping local to support our communities. We are proud to be a Love Telkwa Business, involved in our community and be a part of the Live, Love, Local NWBC campaign.

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