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Thrive Flowerhouse


1-4546 Quebec Street, Vancouver, V5V 3L9

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Women Owned

About Us:

Circa 1986, artificial flowers were not very lifelike. But now with better technology they’re incredibly believable and GORGEOUS! And dried flowers, well… they’re having a moment! Some benefits of dried and faux flowers: they have a smaller carbon footprint, they don’t cause allergic reactions, they don’t drop rotting leaves=no compost waste, arrangements can be made in advance, any flower can be sourced in any season, they’re cost effective – buy or rent, they’re safer for pets and children, and they last for years and years.

Buying things that last longer and avoiding unnecessary waste is continuing to be very important, so in my floral design business I only use plants that are dried, preserved or faux. Thrive botanicals don’t have to be shipped from overseas in refrigerated containers = smaller carbon footprint, and in fact, I forage for some plants right here in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island. Thrive botanicals also don’t cause allergic reactions, they don’t need maintenance (water changed or dead leaves picked out), and arrangements can be made in advance. All this adds up to less stress on clients and on the environment!

We Sell:

Thrive Flowerhouse specializes in floral arrangements that are unique, have longevity and bring natural beauty to interior or exterior spaces. Choose from many pre-made pieces on the website or order floral art that’s completely custom and tailored to your (or someone else’s!) individual style.

Dried and faux arrangement are ideal in many settings including:
-indoor & outdoor events
-magazine & media shoots
-hotels & resorts
-retail stores
-scent-free offices
-spas, clinics & hospitals
-film sets
-residential homes
-real estate staging

Biophilia is always top of mind when I’m designing, because did you know that being around flowers and plants (even faux) reduces anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure? My goal is to re-engage clients with Nature, in a contemporary, long-lasting way, so in all my work I use botanicals that ARE or LOOK real. Paper palms are my signature; they grace many of my pieces lending them a graphic twist, that I hope conveys the energy and vitality of the nature that may be missing in our lives.

Supporting local to me means:

Uplifting and upholding the creativity and diversity that exists right on our doorsteps.

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