Business Name:

The Tadaa Box


Surrey, BC

About Us:

Julie, the designer, needed a special box to carry a special cake to add an event. Using available materials she created a new unique way of transporting and showcasing the contents . We thought that this idea was so unique. We contacted our patent lawyers, and eventually had this idea, patented in Canada, the United States and design protection in the European Union and the united kingdom.

We Sell:

We sell a newly patented way to present gifts, cakes, or cupcakes, to any event that makes that event even more special.

We sell 9 inch and 11 inch Tadaabox’s with cupcake accessories.

Our Product showcases its contents in a unique and amazing way at any event.

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Supporting local means that you care about the people and the community that you live in. By buying local you are putting money back into the community that you live in and letting an amazing person(s) flourish doing something that is their passion! Local businesses put their heart into their products.

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