Business Name:

The Story Kept


Vancouver, British Columbia

My Business Is:

POC and Women Owned

About Us:

The Story Kept is run by me: Sarah. I’m a vintage curator, shopkeeper, and alternate education teacher living in Vancouver, Canada with my loving husband and our cat. I started the shop as a way of sharing my love for old things that carry a story, and as a reprieve from what can sometimes be a heavy career. The pieces I curate for the shop are inspired by the timeworn rivers, ever-present birdsong, and the moody coastlines of southwest British Columbia.

We Sell:

Vintage and antique homewares, decor, furniture, and art

A Must-Have Product Is:

I curate classic, elegant, and nostalgic vintage homewares, furniture, and art. Every piece carries a story and exudes Pacific-Northwest-meets-European sophistication.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

To me, supporting local means investing in our own communities and the people we share this little corner of the world with. Storytelling, sustainability, and community are three of the values I hold closest to my heart. Unsurprisingly, local small businesses are excellent at all three of these things.

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