Marketplace Vendor Policy

The BC Shop Local virtual marketplace offers a space for small businesses in British Columbia selling handmade goods, digital designs, craft supplies, and vintage items with buyers interested in supporting local.

It is important to us that you and your customers have a positive experience within this space. By applying as a vendor, you’re agreeing to this policy and our final ruling on vendor approval, products sold, site use, behaviour, and active membership statuses on the site and it’s associated social platforms. Should the following terms and conditions be breached, the site owners have the right to enact their zero tolerance policy and remove your vendor shop without notice, compensation, or further discussion.

Selling Requirements:

This marketplace was designed to host local sellers from across British Columbia. We have a number of requirements in place to monitor the types of products sold by our approved vendors.

  1. All vendor sellers must be current residents of British Columbia, Canada
  2. All product listings must be accurately represented and available at the listed purchase price
  3. All items must be accurately described and the images attached to product listings are owned by the vendor (no stock images or stolen/illegal media may be used)
  4. All vendor shop payment, shipping, and order fulfillment is the responsibility of the seller
  5. All vendor shop specific product related customer service must be handled by the seller
  6. The privacy and protection of customer personal information must be maintained by the seller

Prohibited Products and Behaviour:

  1. All vendor shops must abide by British Columbia’s provincial acts and regulations and conduct their business accordingly.
  2. The sale of Illegal items, dangerous or hazardous items, alcohol, drugs, and pornography are strictly prohibited
  3. Product approval or shop status can be revoked at any time the discretion of the site owner

Vendor Expectations:

  1. All approved vendors are expected to handle product listing updates (including stock and variable availability), customer inquiries, and disputes for their shops
  2. All shop customer disagreements must be handled directly by the seller
  3. If a seller is unable to fulfill an order, it is up to the seller to notify the customer and cancel accordingly
  4. Vendors must give 30 days notice to the BC Shop Local directly if they would like to leave the platform so the team can adjust shop marketing efforts accordingly

Community Participation:

As an approved shop vendor, we expect you to treat the other vendors and your customers with kindness and respect. We will not tolerate any slander, abuse, hate speech, or ill behaviour towards vendors, customers, and the platform itself.

We expect you to share our values of community and collaboration over competition.

Site Content Distribution:

By uploading content within vendor shops sellers consent to the use and BC Shop Local’s distribution of the publicly listedvendor shop information and media to promote their presence across the website and the business’ associated social platforms.

Seller Fees:

In order to monitor, maintain, and market the local marketplace, BC Shop Local has structured a number of vendor fees to cover its associated costs of business. Monthly subscription fees and commission percentages may change at anytime at the discretion of BC Shop Local.