Go Naked Essentials

Business Name: Go Naked Essentials Location: Mission, BC We are: Women Owned About Us: Established in 2019, Go Naked Essentials is a small Canadian candle company based in Mission, BC. We take pride in creating straightforward, high-quality products using simple, natural ingredients. Our candles are hand-poured using vegan coconut and soy wax, luxury fragrance oils, […]

Thrive Flowerhouse

Business Name: Thrive Flowerhouse Location: 1-4546 Quebec Street, Vancouver, V5V 3L9 We Are: Women Owned About Us: Circa 1986, artificial flowers were not very lifelike. But now with better technology they’re incredibly believable and GORGEOUS! And dried flowers, well… they’re having a moment! Some benefits of dried and faux flowers: they have a smaller carbon […]

Goldenball Mercantile Ltd.

Business Name: Goldenball Mercantile Ltd. Location: 33057 First Avenue, Mission, V2V1G2 We Are: Women Owned About Us: I have been in the forest products industry for 27 years, running a cedar mill to be exact. I always knew if I had the time I would love to open a little boutique full of all my […]

Lovely Finds Market

Business Name: Lovely Finds Market Location: Mission, British Columbia We Are: Women Owned About Us: All of our products are natural, handmade, cruelty free, and 80% are vegan ingredients. When you buy from Lovely Finds Market you are not just supporting our family but all the makers and their families that we buy from! We […]