Picnics and Petunias

Business Name: Picnics and Petunias Location: Delta, BC We Are: Women Owned About Us: Tired of the monotonous grind of corporate life, we hatched a plan over a glass of wine. Thus Picnics and Petunias came to be. Crystal and I having backgrounds in creative fields, this gave us the chance we so desperately wanted […]

Haute Foods

Business Name: Haute Foods Location: Delta, BC We Are: Women Owned About Us: We’re changing the chili oil game with our not so secret family recipe using only 3 ingredients we’ve perfected our craft. We’re expanding the uses of chili oils to not only asian cuisines but every other cuisines in the world but without […]

Wool Food

Business Name: Wool Food Location: Delta, British Columbia We Are: Women Owned About Us: With my first baby, I decided early on that I would not buy plastic toys. I love handmade crafts. I enjoy sewing. For years, I’ve been sewing for my children and now they are available for others to enjoy! The pieces […]