8 Tips To Succeed As A Small Business Market Vendor ​

8 Tips to Succeed as a Small Business Market Vendor For today’s post, we are sharing 8 expert tips for how you can succeed as a small business market vendor. Whether you are a seasoned expert, getting started with markets, or still considering joining one, we are sure you will find some helpful advice in […]

Reasons Your BC Small Business Should Join Our Local Business Directory​

Reasons Your BC Small Business Should Join our Local Business Directory You have probably seen us highlight the businesses across British Columbia who have joined our local directory for a while now. Our growing number of listings is shaping up to be an amazing resource for local consumers to track down businesses to support and […]

60 Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Business Owners

60 Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Business Owners It can be difficult finding the time to get creative on social media when managing the many aspects of a small business. Today’s blog post is here to help!  Today we’re sharing over 50 great small business reel ideas to share with your audience to get them […]

6 Steps Every Small Business can Take to Win at Digital Advertising in 2022

6 Steps Every Small Business can take to win at Digital Advertising in 2022 With so many marketing avenues to choose from, it may be hard to choose which should be your top priority. In today’s digitally-connected world, paid advertising remains the most consistent and reliable way of growing your business. Most brands invest advertising […]

5 Simple Ways to Make your Business Sustainable

5 Simple Ways to Make your Business Sustainable As a small business owner, you may think your business’s environmental impact is inconsequential. But your customers may not see it that way. Today’s consumers expect more from the companies they support. A recent study showed that 77% of people think a product should be sustainable and […]

5 Mindfulness Check-In Tips For Small Business Owners​

You are managing every single aspect of your business and need to have your to do list running in the back of your mind on replay. It is a ton of work that we can easily get caught up in and forget to check in with how we are doing mentally along the way. By having this constant replay of our to do list, we are putting ourselves on the back burner. The busier the mind gets, the harder it can be to get through the hours of work to come. This is why bringing mindfulness into your day can help you manage your mental health as a small business owner.

Branding Your Voice & Tone To Engage Your Audience


While having a strong brand voice is essential, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out how to develop the one right for your business.

You’re in luck – this guide will provide you with some tips and considerations on how to build a voice and set a tone for your brand.

4 Simple Steps To Understanding Small Business GST ​

Four-Simple-Steps-To-Understanding-Small-Business-GST ​

Are you Confused About GST? We are pleased to offer these Simple Steps to Tackle Your Taxes. The most popular questions that we get asked are about taxes, and specifically, about GST. We have created a simple 4 Step Process for new business owners and entrepreneurs to follow. Follow these steps outlined for you to get started.

Podcast Guesting: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a small business owner, it’s fundamental that you embrace self promotion and marketing. Besides your clients, you are your own best brand ambassador. Therefore, the #1 reason to be on a podcast is to promote your business and your brand.

25 Ways to Show Appreciation to your Customers

25 Ways to Show Appreciation to your Customers It is so important to show appreciation to those who continuously choose to support your products and services! Rewarding customers for their loyalty will help enrich their experience and encourage them to spread the word about your business to others.  Here are 25 great ideas on how […]