Business Name:

Stüls et Cetera


Shuswap, BC

We are:

Women Owned

About Us:

Baily & Tonya have taken their love of textiles and textures to the next level. Both have a background in art and have always been creative in many forms over the years.

They joined forces to create a sustainable and eco friendly functional art collection for your home.

They have been known to take the unexpected textile such as blankets, skirts and coats for UP-Styling into their ‘one of a kind’ footstools. They welcome and specialize in custom work that will suit ANY style of décor tastes.

We Sell:

Hand crafted Stüls (footstools) with coordinating pillow covers. We create customs as well. We can build a Stül that fits your style exactly.

We promise there will never be 2 exactly alike. You are guaranteed to have the one and only special piece of functional art.

If you have a treasured piece of fabric, or your Grandmother’s worn out blanket hiding in the closet, bring it out and have it made into a treasured piece of furniture!

Supporting local to me means:

We are a small business so we endeavour to support only local or other small businesses.

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