Business Name:

Stone + Sable Collections


Agassiz, BC

About Us:

Sheryl started Stone + Sable Collections (originally Creative Concrete Works) in 2021 when she had her first child. Going from working + studying full time to primarily being a stay-at-home mom was a difficult transition, and starting up this small business helped Sheryl to find means of self fulfilment, accomplishment + challenge in every day.

It required a whole new skill set which she’s still learning of, and allowed her to meet + interact with so many new + admirable entrepreneurs. As for the products themselves – Sheryl has always loved concrete work, but had to stay reasonable. Sheryl needed something she could still do from her house with my baby home with me, so she went into the ‘smaller’ cement pieces – decor, figurines + candles.

Stone + Sable is still evolving and adding new products all the time, but for now, they’re keeping the products for home enhancement ♥️

We Sell:

Stone + Sable produces high quality, unique cement statement pieces for home enhancement and the extraordinary gift. Everything is handmade with the utmost care, and packaged as eco conscious as possible.

All candles are conscientiously poured with all natural soy wax + high quality fragrances.
Modern + unique, Stone + Sable carries products fit for centre pieces, jewelry trays, serving trays, and catch trays. We also hand make detailed figurines to solidify special memories, and have ample nursery decor to choose from.

Our best sellers remain those with candles; Whether they be candle containers themselves, or taper candle holders and tea light holders.

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