Business Name:

Soulroots Moss Art


North Vancouver, British Columbia

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

Soulroots was conceived unwittingly during Ann Marie’s own journey of healing inherited trauma. Connecting with nature and creative expression were critical to her own growth and healing.  Her passion for the outdoors, deep respect for nature and background in floristry naturally drew her to biophilic design. She is inspired to share the beauty of the forest, bringing its healing and calming energies indoors through her unique moss art creations.

An integral part of her vision in creating Soulroots moss art was to be able to support and give back to organizations committed to protecting our natural resources, educating our children and supporting the healing of trauma survivors.  

I stumbled upon moss art when I was looking for something natured inspired for my breathwork studio…I started playing with the mosses…it turned into a therapeutic hobby..that developed into a business…I have since committed to pursuing this passion full time as it brings me so much joy to infuse nature into clients homes and businesses” – Ann Marie

We Sell:

Moss wall art & moss bowls/centrepieces using naturally preserved and dyed, sustainably harvested mosses and plants. I have ready made pieces but mostly focus on custom work to suit clients needs.

Residential & commercial installations.

In home consultations available.

Custom orders in any size.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Building community, encouraging creativity for social & economical success.

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