Business Name:

Soul Self Apparel


Maple Ridge, British Columbia

My Business Is:

Indigenous and Women Owned

About Us:

During 2020, we as a community and society experienced a lot of disconnection. My partner and I came up with the idea to create a clothing brand that goes beyond the material. We felt passionate about spreading the message to be yourself, whoever that may be and to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Soul Self Apparel is clothing with a message and for a cause by contributing to opportunities for people to discover who they truly are, their Soul Self. By spreading these positive messages and taking partial proceeds to donate to local charities and important initiatives such as mental health and gender equality, we feel that the community will feel more connected, to one another and to themselves.

We Sell:

Casual and loungewear clothing with a message. It is our mission to inspire people to be their true self, which is their Soul Self and create opportunities for people to discover who they are. Our message is to be you, to be your Soul Self.

A Must-Have Product Is:

Our Soul Shorts – exclusively designed from the ground up by Soul Self

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting a community! Helping the community become a better place and providing opportunities for people in the community to love what they do and share that with the world.


Partial Proceeds from ALL purchases go towards The Soul Self Project. This project donates locally to charities, important causes, mental health initiatives, gender inclusivity initiatives and more.

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