Business Name:

Sloane & Blake


Vancouver, BC

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

Sloane & Blake Inc., locally owned in Vancouver, started when Heather, mother of two girls, Sloane and Blake, was unable to find a silicone teether with a hockey design. When her eldest, Blake was teething, Heather was unable to find a hockey silicone teether and again, a year-and-a-half later, was unable to find one for Sloane. After extensive research, she discovered there were no hockey designs and was motivated to create one for a market that overlooked the interests of parents who might have played sports like herself.

Sloane & Blake currently has a total of 5 silicone teether designs: Hockey Net, Hockey Jersey, Football Helmet, Basketball and Compass.

As an advocate of living an active lifestyle through sports and being outside, Heather built her business to encourage little ones to share the same passion through her designs and products. At Sloane & Blake, Heather focuses on sporty, classy and cute functional products. You’ll find sports themed Silicone Teethers, Silicone Beach Toy Playsets, Bracelet Key Rings and more.

We Sell:

We sell silicone items like Silicone Beach Toy Playsets, Silicone Teethers, Pacifier Clips, Zipper Pulls, and Bracelet Key Rings for your keys so you know where they are at ALL times. You absolutely need to know about our handmade Bracelet Key Rings because they are super stylish and functional!

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Supporting local to me means supporting businesses in our communities where we can help them grow and become a business where work is their passion and they love to wake up to do it every morning. There are many ways to support a business without spending money: like, share and comment on their posts, cheer them on, share their business with others. Let’s help businesses achieve their dreams and goals!

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