Vendor Biography

    Welcome to Lily Lou’s Aromas!

    My name is Lily, I’m 8 and this is my small business. I live in South Surrey with my parents and baby sister.

    When Covid19 came I began homeschooling like lots of other children across the world. Alongside homeschooling I took  up gymnastics and ice skating. I found learning from books was really hard so needed a more hands-on approach, finding a way to incorporate my daily subjects and learning, together with the values of money into activities – the idea of a business of my own was born. The earning from my business  help fund my gymnastics and ice skating classes. I’ve worked super hard and I’m now on the team YAY!

    With a creative mind and my Mama’s love of wax melts I began to learn how to create these myself in various fun shapes using soy wax, different colours and fragrances. I also found out how to make room fragrances! I get to learn Maths, English, Science, IT and Art in making my wax melts, running my own website and social media. All my products are hand crafted and individually packed by me. I get lots of help from my parents to ensure my safety at all times and to keep myself organized but I love all aspects of what I do and meeting my awesome customers.

    Above all, I am learning life skills and I know that if I set my mind to anything and work hard, I can be successful.

    Thank you for supporting my small business!

    Big hugs,
    Lily xx