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Sheila Rae Van Delft Art


Langley, BC

About Sheila:

Ever since I was very young all I’ve ever wanted to do was draw and paint. I have piles of drawings and paintings that I created when I was a child. Being able to create art for a living is an incredible blessing that I am continually thankful for.

I live in the country with my family and my dogs and truly love it. My favourite subjects to paint are landscape and wildlife so it’s amazing to be able to paint what I see around me every day. I also paint images from my childhood growing up in the north and from my travels around BC. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and I teach high school art part-time in Langley, which I also love!

She Sells:

I paint landscape and wildlife with sensitivity and thoughtfulness and hope to bring a little of the wilds into the homes of my collectors. My images include a wide variety of subjects such as mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and BC birds and wildlife.

I has also been doing commissioned work for over thirty years and is happy to create custom artwork which can include murals, portraits, still life, and pretty much anything your heart imagines. I also make very cool landscape and wildlife Barn Wood Art that is very popular.

My customers should absolutely know about my ability to paint meaningful commissions, and they should also know about my very cool Barn Wood Art that is created by recycling barn wood that is locally sourced.

Clients can visit me and see recent work in my studio by appointment.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

It means keeping the economy going where we live by putting our money back into our own communities so we can all benefit.

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