Business Name:

RG Handcrafted Goods


Vancouver, British Columbia

About Us

We sell handmade leather goods made from vegetable tanned leather, in small batches, with customization options which makes every piece unique.

We really take pride in our artisanal techniques and finishing. All our goods are handstitched with the saddle stitch for aesthetic and durability purposes and the leather we use is of premium quality. Bags and wallets are made of cuts that are shipped to us from Tuscany, Italy. We do love vegetable tanned leather as it ages beautifully while developing more sheen and patina.

We Sell:

Handmade premium leather goods.We make bags, wallets, belts, bracelets, pouches, small gift accessories and we also take special leather orders for specific needs.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Small businesses and local ones support our families and make our communities more colorful and interesting.

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