Reasons Your BC Small Business Should Join our Local Business Directory

You have probably seen us highlight the businesses across British Columbia who have joined our local directory for a while now.

Our growing number of listings is shaping up to be an amazing resource for local consumers to track down businesses to support and service providers to hire.

If you have yet to sign up, read on to learn 4 reasons why you shouldn’t wait!

1. Reach more Local Supporters

The directory allows local supporters to easily find your business to learn more about you, your offerings, and where they can connect with you. The more entry points you have to your website, social media pages, and contact information the better!

2. Connect with BC Shop Local

The directory lets us get to know you and your business better so we can show you off to the community here and continue to develop new resources to support your growth.

3. Contribute to our Local Donation

Through the entire month of May, we are donating $5 of each new directory entry to @soulselfapparel‘s Mind Your Mind Challenge which is making a generous donation to local mental health initiatives. By signing up you are supporting local right back!

4. Listing Fees Increase Soon

As the directory grows, so does our website’s viewership. Our small yearly listing fee will be going up June 1st to support admin needs. Sign up before the end of the month to save.

Explore some of listed local businesses below or add your business here

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