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Ravenwood Farm


Groundbirch, British Columbia

About Us:

Ravenwood Farm is situated in the South Peace River area of northeast BC, with a view of the Rocky Mountains to the west, and rolling farm lands to the east.

Unlike grain finished beef that is found in most grocery stores, Ravenwood Farm grass-fed beef is raised without hormone implants, antibiotics, or any feed derived from GMO products.We are pleased to support you in your food choices by providing you with grassfed beef and other farm products.

‍Also, alongside blueberries, black currants contain more significant amounts of anthocyanins than other berries. Their pure flavor can be a little bit tart, but they offer many nutritional benefits. You can enjoy your superfood in different dishes. Here are some ways how you can use black currant jam or concentrate at home:

Serve your blackcurrant products in desserts and creams, drinks and cocktails, smoothies, baking such as tarts, scones, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream and many more …

Honey contains a number of antioxidants, including phenolic acids and flavonoids. You can use honey to sweeten yogurt or beverages, as an ingredient in many recipes, or as a home remedy for minor wounds and coughing.

Are you looking for nutrient dense, flavorful, accessible, locally produced in BC & reasonably priced food for you and your family? Ravenwoodfarm BC is committed to transparency – according to our motto “know your farmer – know your food” we want to build up a trusting relationship with our customers.

We Offer:

We are selling grassfed beef boxes, wildflower pure unpasteurized honey and black currant products such as jam and concentrate.

With animal welfare top of mind, we use low stress livestock handling techniques and natural horsemanship principles. To diversify our farm products, we have gardens and extensive plantings of berry bushes and fruit trees that often make it through the 40 below temperatures we sometimes get.

Supporting local to me means:

Our primary goal is to have a profitable and ecologically responsible farm that is a joy to operate and is resilient in spite of the many challenges agriculture faces today. So local means a trusting relationship with our customers, Providing healthy food by taken over responsibility for the environment and for people.

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