Small Business Reels Workbook


Are You Ready To Take Action And Learn How To Create Reels And Use Them To Grow Your Engagement?

Our *Brand New* Digital Canva Reels Workbook Is Here To Help!

This workbook will walk you through how to:  

The workbook also contains a step-by-step activity page to walk you through piecing together a reel in Canva from planning to posting.


Did you know on average a static Instagram post will only reach about 1/3 of your followers, while reels can be seen by the number of followers you have several times over?

Whether you like it or not, video content is the future of social media. It is a substantially more engaging and allows users to be informed without needing to scroll or read a lot. For small businesses, Instagram reels are a fantastic way to grow your social media page and showcase all you have to offer in an exciting way.

While it can be overwhelming at first, taking the time to learn how to plan and create reels properly can make the task less daunting and ensure the time you spend creating content is used effectively.


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