8′ Multi-Functional Leash (5/8″)


Our 8′ Multi-Function leash is designed to be used hands-free with our sliding o-ring by wrapping it around your waist or cross-body style. If you want just a normal handle? You have the option for that too. If your out having a picnic or need to use the washroom, use the sliding o-ring to tie your dog up for a minute. An added feature while using the leash hands-free is where you clip to your dogs collar or harness, I designed the leash to have a traffic handle – makes for easy passing on tight trails and when you need your dog by your side.

Our 5/8″ leash width is designed for dogs up to 40lbs. Have a bigger dog? Check out our same leash, but in a 3/4″ leash width, designed for dogs 40lbs and up.

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Made with Beta Biothane, our leashes are durable and have a soft coating that has the look and feel of leather – some even know as it vegan leather. They will hold they’re flexibility in cold weather and are extremely easy to wash – just use soap and warm water. They are quick drying and a huge bonus? Biothane does not collect odors.

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