3PC Bath+Body Gift Set || Foaming Body Wash, Body Butter, Botanical Perfume


This 3-pc BATH+BODY GIFT SET is the perfect way to pamper yourself or your special someone.

Choose from the following scent collections:
FIERCE VANITY || vetiver + rose
LAVENDER LOVESONG || pure english lavender
SUMMER IN SEVILLE || grapefruit + bergamot
NEWLY MINTED || peppermint + rosemary
GARDENER’S SALVATION || cinnamon + frankincense

This incredibly moisturizing, all-natural powerhouse is a pH-balanced body wash formulated to preserve and rebalance your skin’s acid mantle. Our proprietary blend of natural surfactants, sodium lactate, and organic aloe vera extract delivers a luxurious, gentle foam that washes hands clean of germs while taking care to maintain and replenish your skin’s protective layer of ceramides, fatty acids, and lipids.

Most soap is extremely alkaline causing your skin to lose important oils, dry out, and crack, which can leave you exposed to pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) that can damage your skin and lead to infections and other skin/body conditions. Protecting the acid mantle, especially around wounds, is vital to facilitating many of the biological functions and interactions required in the healing process.

Whether using it by the sink or in the shower, your skin stays moisturized and never feels stripped or dry, making our Foaming Hand + Body Wash the ultimate skin cleanser.

Packaged in a beautiful, refillable amber glass apothecary bottle with black aluminum foamer pump.

Every morning, take a moment to appreciate your body with our luxurious whipped body butter. This simple, yet powerful blend of botanicals melts into your skin leaving it silky-soft. Your skin will be nourished, repaired, and protected, and you’ll start your day with a self-love body-positivity boost. This is one decadent beauty obsession your soul will thank you for!

Our dreamy blend of shea, cupuacu, mango, and kokum butters combined with hemisqualane, and abyssinian, sunflower, argan, plum, and apricot oils, is a free-radical fighting, ultra-hydrating one-step workhorse that regenerates and replenishes your natural skin barrier from head-to-toe.

Packaged in a beautiful amber glass apothecary jar

The perfect backdrop for our vegan botanical perfume, we know you’ll fall in love with this gentle and nourishing blend of jojoba and grapeseed oils.

Packaged in a beautiful amber glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball
10 ml | .33oz

Fierce Vanity is a complex and sophisticated earthy floral scent to give you the boss bitch confidence you need to take on injustice, the patriarchy, or even your toddler demanding cake for dinner with authority and poise.

Featuring the understated boldness of vetiver, rose, geranium, and lavender, Fierce Vanity, embraces contradiction and reinvents vanity as a daring act of self-love in a world that so often seeks to shrink the human spirit.

A deliciously aromatic way to protect and soothe dry, cracked, and weather-stressed skin, Gardener’s Salvation is specially formulated with a captivating, warm and spicy blend of cinnamon, frankincense, rosemary, tea tree, and lavender.

A refreshing, classic blend of peppermint + rosemary for clarity, mood balance, and an instant energy boost.

Flowy florals, the distant mediterranean sea, and a warm citrus breeze. Bask in our uplifting blend of grapefruit, bergamot, palmarosa, and lime. Feel your stress melt away.

The simple, unadulterated tranquility of pure English lavender for the lavender purist.

In a world rife with artifice, Vanilla Femme is a truth serum. Featuring the artisanal decadence of pure vanilla bean, the refined, upscale sweetness of our reinvented classic defies expectations and subverts stereotypes. Living your truth never smelled so sweet.



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