Business Name:

8 Point Designs


Kelowna, BC

About Us:

At 8 Point Designs we create live edge products that allow our customers to bring the beauty of nature home! All of our lumber is sourced from 8 Point Acres overlooking Shuswap Lake and manufactured in Kelowna, BC. It doesn’t get much more local than that!

We Sell:
We sell live edge candleholders, center pieces, flight boards and charcuterie boards with more product launches coming soon. Some of our products come with graphics that are wood burned free hand. Customers can also request custom personalized graphics or alternate configurations of existing graphics on existing products!

Each piece is local and one of a kind. The option for personal customization makes each product even more unique to each customer!

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Everything is better when you focus more on home, on friends, on family. If we all focus on supporting local, our communities will thrive and there will be more opportunities for everyone to slow down and enjoy life more!

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