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Passionlight Creations



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I (Chantal) have been painting since 2021 and I am completely self taught. I was inspired to try something new during the COVID quarantine and pandemic. I started painting my own pets, and shared my first photo online. Someone in my community took a chance on me and asked me to paint their pet as a memorial gift.

 Since then, I have mainly been painting pets and I love to capture their expressions and personalities. My current platform was made to share my art in the form of prints for others to enjoy. I am continuously inspired by the world around me especially my own pets, and nature, as I build and share my collection. Thank you for reading a little piece of my story!

We Sell:

I am a local and self taught artist who paints primarily with acrylic. I sell high quality prints of my artwork in different sizes. I am continuously building my collection and platform to share.

I sell high quality prints of my artwork in different sizes. My art is often inspired by nature, pets, and lifestyle.

I am always open to suggestions on art you would love to see available on my page !

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

To me, supporting local means expending my resources including time and money towards local vendors in my community. This helps to support the people in my community including families, entrepreneurs, people of different genders, backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, and more. It means that we continue to invest and reinvest in each other rather than solely contributing to the profits of massive companies.

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