Business Name:

Pasos Fashion Co.


Langley, British Columbia

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

Pasos Fashion Co. was established in 2021 by Erika Torrejon.

Pasos’s philosophy is dedicated to creating authentic artisan crafted accessories using sustainable materials and connecting our Canadian friends to these crafts, while empowering women of the artisanal communities to remain self- sustained.

Erika, a former journalist, traveled her beloved Peru extensively. As a journalist, she witnessed firsthand the beauty of Peru, and the warmth of its people; whose minimalist approach to life always left her in awe.

In following her love for travel and adventure, she emigrated solo to Canada at the age of 24. The journey of an immigrant is not easy and Erika, being so young, struggled with loneliness and rejection due to her lack of local experience, knowledge of the English language, and family members to support her in the new land.

However, she also discovered new passions in the new land, and actually met whom today is her husband. The family lives in Langley with their two kids.

The name Pasos comes from Erika’s Hispanic heritage meaning ‘Steps’. The steps that make you who you are. Her own migrating journey of over five thousand miles, the distance between Peru and Canada, also started with one important step! She is a Canadian proud of her Peruvian roots.When you buy from Pasos you are supporting a local small business and the makers from the artisan communities we partner with.

We Sell:

Pasos is a local emerging brand based in Langley. We connect the world to artisan made treasures one step at a time. Pasos offers fashion accessories and home decor ethically sourced and sustainably handmade in Peru using vintage weaved textiles. Our products include hand woven artisanal bags, embroidered cushion covers, and accessories made from animals fibers like scarves and felt hats.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means buying something from a business in my area that is owned by a member of the community and that supports a local family. I help create jobs and my purchase contributes to a stronger economy.

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