Business Name:

Oi Marketing


Surrey, British Columbia

About Us:

Oi Marketing is the culmination of a two-decade passion for helping other business owners with website design and branding solutions. Our agency’s client base has recently witnessed significant growth, and we are thrilled to provide our community with the service they deserve.

We encourage Fraser Valley businesses to reach out at any time for a free website audit or simply to talk about how we can help any of your business pain points.

Our Services:

Oi Marketing is a Digital Marketing and Consulting firm located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, providing Website Design, SEO, Digital Ads, Branding Strategy and Social Media Management services to clients in the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, and across Canada.

Whether you’re looking to launch a business or rebrand a current one, we can help give you the tools needed to scale your business.

Let us help make sure you are visible on Google, whether through organic or paid means — we can help with all of your SEO needs.

Ideal Customer:

Our ideal customer is an established business who either needs a refresh of their website, wants to be found on Google, wishes to grow their following on social media or has some key pain points at their company that they believe digital marketing can help solve.

To Us, Supporting Local Means:

Being a steward for your community and truly giving back to where you love.

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