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OATME Superfood



About Us:

We are Han and Jenny, the Founder/Co-Founder/Owners of OATME Superfood.

Both of us are passionate fitness lovers. As someone who genuinely cared about our health and fitness, we always sought out the best and healthiest ways to nourish our body, especially when it comes to snacks and meal enhancements. As dedicated oat bowl enthusiasts, we found ourselves longing for a way to elevate our regular oats. We craved something both flavourful and crunchy, without compromising on our commitment to healthy choices.

This is when we stumbled upon freeze-dried fruits. The crisp texture, vibrant colours, and flavourful taste amazed us beyond measure. Here was a snack that retained all the nutrients and natural goodness of fresh fruits, yet was incredibly convenient and deliciously crunchy. They were wholesome, light, and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber – everything we desired for my fitness meals and smoothies.

Being fitness enthusiasts, we understood the importance of whole, nutritious foods in enhancing performance and well-being. Freeze-dried fruits, with their minimal processing and lack of additives, ticked all the boxes for a perfect snack (Jenny even snacked on them while preparing for her first bikini competition in April, 2023)!

Eager to explore the possibilities, we decided to experiment with freeze-drying various fruits in my own kitchen. We soon realized that freeze-dried fruits had untapped potential beyond just being a snack. They could add delightful bursts of flavour and texture to our oatmeal bowls, turning them into vibrant and exciting culinary experiences.

Our curiosity of exploring healthier options have inspired us to create something truly extraordinary – a brand that would elevate the concept of healthy ingredients. And so, OATME was born!

The brand name, OATME, truly captured the essence of our hero product, freeze-dried fruits that beautifully complemented oatmeal, but it also represented an invitation to elevate everyday meals and snacks into something extraordinary. OATME was about creating moments of pure delight with every bite, transforming mundane routines into something worth savouring.

With OATME, we envisioned empowering people to embrace healthier choices without compromising on taste and fun. Our freeze-dried fruits are carefully sourced and thoughtfully curated to bring nature’s bounty straight to your table, ensuring that each pack is brimming with goodness and flavour. Whether it’s a burst of tangy berries, a zesty twist of citrus, or a luscious bite of tropical goodness, OATME freeze-dried fruits aim to bring joy and nourishment to all fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

And so, the OATME brand story was etched into reality – a tale of passion, discovery, and the pursuit of a healthier, more exciting way to snack and enjoy meals. As the founders, we take immense pride in OATME’s journey and remain committed to spreading the love for freeze-dried fruits and their boundless potential in inspiring a happier, healthier world, one crunch at a time.

We Sell:

At OATME Superfood, we are dedicated to provide premium quality of freeze-dried fruits that are made locally in BC! Our freeze-dried fruits are perfect add on for your everyday bowl – such as yogurt, cereal, ice cream, oatmeal and more!

Our freeze-dried mango has been a top hit and one of the best sellers!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Choosing to purchase goods and services from local businesses reduces your environmental impact lowering the carbon footprint of supplies and products. Spending money in your community helps to stimulate economic growth within your local region.

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