Business Name:

Nori Athletics


Port Moody, British Columbia

About Us:

Nori Athletics is a private personal training studio that focuses on helping busy people develop health and fitness back into their lifestyles for long-term results. We focus on adding positive habits, without having to make sacrifices in their current lives. By helping our community make improvements in their habits, we better their quality of life in all aspects.

We are a personal training duo, Novette and Michelle and we just opened our physical location Nori Athletics in Port Moody. Cool fact, our company is named after our dog Nori for the reason that the same way Nori is happy to see us every time, we want our clients to feel that way too.

We work hard to make every person who walks in feel welcome and safe. We know fitness and health can be at times intimidating, especially in a gym setting, so we put our focus and attention to making everyone feel amazing.

Whether your receiving coaching online or in person, or coming to our classes, Nori Athletics focus’ on educating people on proper movements as well as a long term approach to exercise and nutrition that will last them forever

We Offer:

Personal Training (1-1), Tandem Training (2-1), Bootcamps, and Challenges. We also work with clients online. Our Bootcamps are for all ages and all levels, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced person, it’s a great place to come and connect with likeminded people.

Supporting local to me means:

Supporting local means supporting the small businesses in our area. It means buying their products or services over a big brand, as well as connecting together as business to business to help each other. For our past events, we’ve had local businesses as our sponsors and we made it our duty to share their business with our community!

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