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Motion Health Canada



About Us:

Motion Health is a female created and run company in Abbotsford BC. Motion Health was born out of friendship between people and their pets. Co-Owners, Theresa and Danielle, have been friends since early grade school. Bringing together their knowledge, experience and passion for helping people and their pets across Canada for over a decade.

We Sell:

Whether you have four legs or two, Motion Health GLM capsules are all-natural supplements made from the Green Lipped Mussel—a nutritional powerhouse for optimal joint health, cognitive function, anti-inflammatory, improved gut health and anti-aging.

Motion Health offers pure green lipped mussel with the choice of capsules or powder sprinkle for pets and capsules for people. Providing a unique trio of omega 3s not found anywhere else.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Motion Health supports two families; Theresa and Danielle have both grown up in the Fraser Valley and raising their families here in Abbotsford. Local means you are supporting us in the community we all love.

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