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Mikel Grant Jewellery


Sechelt, BC

About Us:

A deep personal transformation led me down a very unexpected path to becoming a jewellery artist. A little over twenty years ago I graduated university with a Bachelor of Science. I was also working part-time in a well-paid union job that had helped me through university. By all appearances I was set. I had a great part time gig and a promising future in science. But the truth was I was miserable. I was depressed. I couldn’t fathom continuing down either of those paths. Neither path felt right. The only thing that drove me and brought me joy was being an artist. But to abandon my schooling & secure job seemed outrageous. I was really stuck. My wonderful partner Kelly said to me “Just quit. It’ll be fine.” What an enormous relief. This gave me the space to take that huge risk, to abandon my years of training and my job with a pension and follow my heart & passion. So I quit (with possibly the shortest resignation letter ever written: “To whom it may concern, I quit.”).

One of my very last classes at university was entomology (the study of insects). I absolutely loved this course and actually ended up working in a honeybee research lab for a while. My imagination was sparked and I started creating curious objects made with insects in resin. These were fun to make but also very limiting in many respects (size & material hazards being particular challenges). I also started taking silversmithing classes around this time and soon these early designs evolved into featuring butterfly and moth wings under resin set in silver frames. I still found this direction very limiting in terms of what I could create so I focused on gemstones and metals next. This turned out to be the sweet spot for me and everything fell into place. These materials really allow me to create freely and as my knowledge of silversmithing grew, my work has became more refined. And as the business has grown, Kelly has been able to leave his career as a chef and join me full time.

Our designs continue to evolve as a happy collaboration between us and the people who love our work. While I do love to learn new techniques and source new gemstone cuts and varieties, our focus is on creating classic, timeless pieces rather than chasing trends.
I’ve also always had an entrepreneurial drive so very early on Kelly & I jumped into the craft show circuit. What has stood out for me is that even when I’m not there in person, Kelly tells me over and over about clients that have said they can feel something different about our jewellery. That it FEELS GOOD (and not just because I am fastidious about making sure our jewellery is comfortable: smooth edges, good balance, comfortable weight). That they can feel an energy in the jewellery that they connect with.

From concept to completion, I work at every stage to incorporate the fundamentals of our brand pillars, which have always been kindness, creativity and integrity.
I have come to recognize the transformative powers of my offerings and in this way, we hope that each piece we create makes the world a little bit better.

We Sell:

Meticulously handcrafted jewellery with soul. Our designs are crafted in silver and gold and feature luscious natural gemstones & pearls. Our jewellery is designed for those who desire an artful life.

Our business is about kindness, integrity & creativity. We handcraft jewellery with love & a scrupulous attention to detail. We create thoughtful designs where every piece is fully envisioned & designed for comfort, style & longevity. We take pride in our friendly & attentive service and our ethical & sustainable materials.

We are happy to work with clients on custom pieces including heirloom redesigns and engagement & wedding rings.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means our money stays in our communities. It means that unique small business can exist and create thriving, interesting communities. It means a personal connection to the makers and shop owners which enhances our lives.

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