Business Name:

Mi Rincon Bello Boutique


Port Moody, British Columbia

My Business Is:

POC Owned

We Sell:

Trendy womens clothing and accessories designed and made in Latin-america. We offer personalized fitting services for our Colombian made Girdles.

A Must-Have Product Is:

We specialize in Colombian Shapewear and push-up jeans, that make your curves stand out! We are proud to showcase our latino roots by bringing runway looks that are created by Latin American people.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

It means shopping at stores in your community and supporting the smaller businesses when we look to purchase items to our online shop. We go to our local print shop, photographer, canadian made fixtures, etc before we look to buying from the big box stores. Shopping local means we support our town, city and country by helping our economy stay local.


We offer service in English and Spanish

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(236) 975 – 6373