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Messy Meerkat Studios


Surrey, BC

About Us:

It was May 2020. I knew absolutely nothing about resin which has now become one of the many ingredients that I use in my creative process. I had just arrived in Canada In February, just before they locked everything down. I have always been creative and loved working with mixed media as well as a much needed escape from the pressures of corporate life.

It all started with a bench and a need to create mosaic tiles. I could not source all the mosaic tiles I wanted as I was on the hunt for specific tiles, which for the life of me I could not source in Canada. The cost to import was prohibitive. I had injured my arm before leaving South Africa and could not afford to get into #CuttingWars with the mosaic nippers. One way around this is to use tiles in various sizes and shapes as they are, without the cutting and nipping required when cutting larger pieces. This is how I stumbled on the infinite possibilities of epoxy resin. That is where it started, but definitely not where this journey is going to finish.

Resin is just one of the many ingredients that I use. I love texture, colour and crystals and all manner of combinations thereof. I also have an unapologetic love of crafting and nothing makes me happier than when I can combine the two to create a unique and striking art piece. The same love and healing intent is infused in all my products. I have an incredibly high standard when creating and strive for as perfect as possible. I registered my business in 2021 and Messy Meerkat Studios was born. I am often asked why I chose that particular name. Creation is a messy process. Meerkats are one of my favourite critters – they espouse the values of community, collaboration and yes creation in their daily endeavours. These are also the 3C’s of my business and I am passionate about these values

We Sell:

I love combining the healing power of crystals and colour when creating my arts and crafts. I create unique and carefully curated art and craft items for those who are seeking heartfelt gifts for loved ones, unique art pieces, or other distinctive decorative accessories to complement your personal style and home. My eclectic mix of textures, colours and designs are a testament to the limitless possibilities of mixed media art.

I create healing infused mixed media art that through the use of crystals and colour connect to and work with the Chakras. I have a range of unique mixed media gift product options such as crystal healing gardens, small art (Steampunk, The Fae, Hummingbirds), mixed media giving hands, floral geckos and frogs, self draining soap dishes, functional art and Christmas and other special occasion ornaments

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Buying from from small and local businesses, leaving positive reviews, liking and sharing their social media, being a superfan of their products and services.

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