Business Name:

Makin’ It Nice


Chilliwack, British Columbia

My Business Is:

Women Owned

About Us:

Makin’ It Nice was a leap of faith. I’ve always loved to be given creative opportunities by friends and family. The opportunity to deliver something as close to the vision they gave me with what little tools I had was so satisfying when I saw how happy it made them. With the support from my family, and the trust given to me by total strangers, I have allowed myself the tools to offer creative projects to all.

We Sell:

I specialize in hand painted custom door mats, while also offering opportunity for other custom or unique creations. Drinkware, apparel, housewares, home decor, wedding and event gifts or decor.


We provide a quality products where detail is important. Every item made is made with heart (and fun). Sometimes one of our littles may even add their touch – you won’t get that from a big box retailer.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Taking care of the little guys. Allowing families to provide for their families while also being able to include their families.

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