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Loveyloos Natural Dog Treats



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Even though Loveyloos was only officially born a few years ago, the creation of our dog treats goes back 30 years when we created a homemade dog treat recipe for our childhood dog, Nikki.

There wasn’t a lot of information out there back then when it came to canine allergies and stomach sensitivities, but we knew that store bought treats did not sit well in her tummy. Therefore, we created our own to ensure that she was getting the healthiest treats possible!

We have two dogs now, a 16 year old Havanese (Zoey) and a 6 year old Morkie (Daisy), who both have allergies, so the only treats they can eat are Loveyloos. Only the best for our furbabies!

Loveyloos are all natural, healthy dog treats that are great for ALL dogs, but for those who have sensitive tummies or allergies.

We Sell:

We sell a variety of different dog treats, cookies and cakes. All of which are healthy, all natural, and contain no additives or preservative!

Our new Loveyloos Pupcakes have been an absolute hit!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means supporting someone’s dream. We love supporting other local businesses as it allows us to form meaningful connections with the wonderful people around us!

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