Business Name:

Limey in B.C


Port Moody

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

I was a Port Moody business owner until I had some health issues . It was devastating and I had to sell at a loss.

I had a dehydrator as I had thought about making dried sweet potato treats but it never materialized!!
Fast forward to December 2022 … I was looking for a “ garnish” for drinks particularly at Christmas time. I found 1 brand but the amount inside the packet was unbelievable in that it literally raised my eyebrows. The price was ludicrous for 8 pieces of dehydrated limes!

Enter the “ lightbulb” moment !!!… After a few attempts I finally did it . My Moms email was Limey in Bc and being a Brit I thought it was fitting !! Limey in B.C was born….

We Sell:

Never be out of citrus fruits again JUST when u need one!! Perfect for ur fave beverage of choice , G and T, Prosecco etc. wonderful in water bottles too! Add to cooking , grind up and make a rub. Add to cupcakes at a pinch. Lasts for up to a year or more if stored correctly!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting my community is part of my daily lifestyle.knowing I’m maybe adding to another persons dream and passion is very meaningful to me.

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