Fox & Thistle Mercantile

Business Name: Fox & Thistle Mercantile Location: 42300 Yarrow Central Road, Chilliwack, V2R 5E4 About Us: Fox & Thistle Mercantile offers a curated collection of home and personal care products that are kind to the planet, kind to the maker and kind to the consumer. We offer eco-friendly without compromising on quality with a focus […]

Nancy Blokland Pottery

Business Name: Nancy Blokland Pottery Location: Westbank, BC About Nancy: I became a full time potter during Covid when we had to pivot and haven’t looked back. To Me, Supporting Local means: Making our community thrive. Ready to Shop? Visit our website Follow us on Socials Contact:


Business Name: ChefLaura Location: Vancouver, BC About Me: I believe that food should reflect the mood. I really make an effort to think ahead about how each dish should be prepared to really titillate the senses and add meaning to an event. Food gives life, true, but food also influences mood. The right combination of […]

Pebbles & Co.

Business Name: Pebbles & Co. Location: Prince George, BC About Us: Pebbles & Co. was first established as a passion project to create unique, stylish, and useful pieces for your pets. Over the past two years, the creative energy has continued to grow, which has allowed us to expand our product offerings. Now we not […]

Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

Business Name: Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm Location: 4380 Takla Road, Kelowna, V1W3C4 About Us: Ours is a farm based business that began as part of my grandfather’s nursery in the 1950’s. Later on, my father grew apples here. When our family moved to the property in the 90’s, the orchard was in decline and […]

ASH Refillery and Co.

Business Name: ASH Refillery and Co. Location: 200 Cook St, Unit 101, Victoria, V8V3X1 We Are: Women Owned About Us: ASH Refillery and Co. started out in a hot tub in Las Vegas during Adriana’s 40th birthday celebration. We’d been friends for years, making our own candles or trying out other DIY recipes, going for […]

Tree-D Canvas

Business Name: Tree-D Canvas We Are: Women Owned About Us: Tree-D Canvas is a preserved moss wall art business specializing in creating custom, unique and sustainable artworks using preserved moss. Our business sources its materials ethically and strives to create designs that are both visually appealing and environmentally friendly. From large installations in commercial spaces […]

Busybee Creates

Business Name: Busybee Creates Location: Burnaby, British Columbia About Us: Busybee Creates started as a way to bond between Melissa and her daughter and continued as a way to support local charities for blood cancer and other things they love to help. The duo wants to work for what we give into the community, that […]

Dollars and Cents

Business Name: Dollars and Cents Location: Coquitlam, BC About Us: Dollars & Cents offers many different products that consumers need and want in their everyday lives, at reasonable prices, with outstanding service. Although we stock thousands of typical “dollar-store-type” items at $1.99 or less, we don’t limit our product selection based on price-point alone. We […]

Goldenball Mercantile Ltd.

Business Name: Goldenball Mercantile Ltd. Location: 33057 First Avenue, Mission, V2V1G2 We Are: Women Owned About Us: I have been in the forest products industry for 27 years, running a cedar mill to be exact. I always knew if I had the time I would love to open a little boutique full of all my […]