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The LASHBOND under-lash system was created when I (founder Jacky) realized that I couldn’t wear permanent lash extensions due to an allergy that I had to the adhesive , I had just given up on the dream of long luscious lashes until COVID hit and I had to work from home with a massive reduction in hours, and the fear of losing my job I had to pivot . I then had the idea of finding a solution as many in my circle were being forced to a break due to salon & store closures.

I sourced out all different styles including magnetic and liners and the well known segments . I started ordering samples from suppliers and sourcing out packaging and focusing on creating an adhesive bonder that would be non irritating with minimal ingredients . Applying segments wasn’t the easiest feat trying to align them perfectly for a seamless look was comical at times.

Then the idea came to me what if I could adhere the entire strip to the underside of the lash ? And that is when LASHBOND was born , with the lightest most flexible band on the market and hands down the best adhesive you too can the look of lash extensions that last 1-5 days and cost 75% less in money and your time.

Our Mission:

To bring consumers minimal ingredients that are cruelty free & vegan all while sourcing only the most exclusive materials and continually pushing the boundaries to be the most affordable and luxurious DIY @home lash system on the market .

At LASHBOND I believe that beauty has no limitations or boundaries true beauty is not defined by race or gender . Proudly a Canadian Company striving to suppress social stigmas and create new bonds of kindness , acceptance and self love. I hope you love the system as much as I do and become a part of the LASHBOND family xoxox.

We Sell:

Lashbond is a DIY lash extension system that adheres an entire strip to the underside of your natural lash. Lasting 1-5 days saving you time and money all while resulting in a lash extension look.

Our lashes are faux mink , vegan ,cruelty free we also offer the lightest band on the market which allows a weightless feel when wearing . Our LB bonder comes in 2 different application types in both clear and black and has only 3 ingredients , we are latex and formaldehyde free! We are the first company to introduce an entire strip application in North America .

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means so many things especially now with our ever changing faced paced social and economic environments . Not only are you creating more jobs and straightening our local economy while reducing the environmental impact , when you support small and local you are contributing and helping to build and strengthen a sense of community.

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