Business Name:

KG Pet Services


Vancouver, British Columbia

My Business Is:

LGBTQ2S+ Owned

About Me:

I used to be a manager at a popular American-owned pet store, and when the corporate money hungry focus became too much to handle, I started walking dogs part time for a small company. That company later dissolved, and I started KG Pet Services. We went from being just me, to now being a team of 6 wonderful pet lovers!

We Offer:

Fear Free pet care services, including private dog walking, boarding, cat visits, exotic pet care, etc. Tailored to the needs of your pet!

A Must-Try Service Is:

Our experience with reactive dogs makes us a great fit for dogs other companies won’t work with!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Earning and spending money within our own community is the best way to realistically support the local economy, and ensure that our dollars go to companies worthy of earning them.

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