Business Name:

Kat’s Westcoast Naturals


Maple Ridge, BC

About Us:

My (Kathleen’s) business was started as I have a child with autism. He developed a rash from many products and it was only then that I realized how many chemicals were in things! My goal is to make natural products that are good for people and the environment.

We Sell:

Artisan, Small Batch, Natural Bath and Beauty Products that are Eco Friendly, Sustainable and Biodegradable.

Handmade Eco Friendly Bath (such as Soap, Bath Bombs etc.) and Body (such as Lotions, Shampoo Bars, Salves etc.). Soy Wax sustainable Candles including Crystal Astrological Candles. Ecofriendly cleaning and house products ( such as Laundry, All Purpose Cleaners etc.) Mainly Vegan.

Better for you and our planet made with 100% natural ingredients!

We in turn support local vendors by buying local honey and beer and other sustainable ingredients. Shop Local. Support Local.

You deserve peace of mind when buying and using products!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Helping Small Business. Part Proceeds to Special Needs Children.

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