Instagram Tips to Grow Your Following in 2022

Are you a small business managing your own socials? We know it can be an overwhelming task at times.

Here are five tips for growing a small business IG account organically in 2022:

1. Get to know your audience

We mean, get to know them. What kind of content are they looking for? Which of your posts do they respond to the most? Is there a side hobby or interest that you could incorporate into your content? Perhaps you are a jewelry brand with an audience interested in fashion. Is there a way you can incorporate styling tips along with your products? Growth is not only about gaining new leads but maintaining the community you have. Keep it fresh!

2. Incorporate videos and reels

We know this is overwhelming for some, but it’s worth it promise! It can be as simple as recording yourself packing and order or answering customer questions. Videos see an average of 2x more engagement VS a photo post. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Start hitting the record button and watch your reach soar!

3. Stay authentic

With more accounts than ever, being authentic is imperative to stand out and stay on people’s radar. Remember the best part about your small business is YOU! Try getting in front of the camera and introducing yourself to your community. Sharing your unique passion, goals, and struggles will help your audience better connect to you, and increase their likelihood of supporting your business.

4. Write strong captions

Remind yourself that you need to accomplish one of these three things in every post: entertain, educate, or sell. If you are funny, take advantage of that! Insightful? Share your wealth of knowledge! Do you have an amazing new product to share with the world? Upsell its features! Use descriptive words and don’t forget to add an alt text caption for the visually impaired!

5. Stay social and build a community

Don’t forget that social media is intended to be SOCIAL! Respond to comments, share others’ posts, and join conversations. If you spent half as much time socializing as you did crafting your posts, you would be twice as better off.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Share your top tip in the comments to help others!

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