60 Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Business Owners

It can be difficult finding the time to get creative for Instagram reel ideas while managing the many aspects of a small business. 

Today we’re sharing over 50 great Instagram reel ideas for Small Businesses to share with your audience to get them excited about your business, increase post engagement, and grow your viewership.

Pro Tip: These instagram reel ideas would work wonderfully over on TikTok too! Recycling content is a great way to save time and reach new audiences. Just don’t forget to remove the platform watermark with an external app like Watermark Remover (for Andriod) or Video Eraser (for iPhone) to make sure your videos are following platform guidelines.

20 Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Business Makers

  1. Introduce yourself or “meet the maker”
  2. Show off your workspace
  3. Explain how you choose your materials
  4. Highlight your creative experience or inspiration
  5. Share a timelapse of you creating
  6. A day in the life “vlog style”
  7. Provide quick tips for other makers just getting started
  8. Show off your product(s) in use or on display
  9. Share highlights of a market event you attended
  10. Share your inspiration behind different products
  11. Give a sneak peek of upcoming releases
  12. Show off your first product vs your newest one
  13. Share the details of your current favourite items
  14. Highlight your best selling products
  15. Show off your suppliers/supply restock
  16. Give fun facts about how you got started
  17. Share a before & after from material to end result
  18. Bust a myth or two about the work you do
  19. Share the evolution of your business
  20. Invite your audience to follow and support you in new ways

20 Reel Ideas for Small Business Service Providers

  1. Introduce yourself or your team
  2. Explain how you provide value to your customers
  3. Share aspects of your service that are unique
  4. Show off a service in progress
  5. Share a couple points on why you do what you do
  6. Highlight what values are important to the business
  7. Give fun facts about how you got started
  8. Connect by sharing what you do in your free time
  9. Explain the history of your business or career path
  10. Have customer or client(s) sing your praises on video
  11. Promote other local businesses that you recommend
  12. Share a before and after of the service results
  13. Explain best practices for tipping in your industry
  14. Give a walk through of your workspace or office
  15. Promote a specific service or limited offer
  16. Answer frequently asked questions
  17. Share a helpful tip or two to show off your expertise
  18. Outfit of the day compilation
  19. Give a short tutorial on how to maintain a service at home
  20. Share a timelapse of a service in action

20 Reel Ideas for Small Business Owners with Storefronts

  1. Comment on industry or community news
  2. Give a walk through of your store space
  3. Bust a myth to encourage customers to visit
  4. Provide seasonally specific shopping tips for customers
  5. Share “packing an order with me”
  6. Behind the scenes of merchandising or receiving stock
  7. Meet staff members individually or as a group
  8. Promote new sale item or special upcoming promotions
  9. Give a summary of your current best sellers
  10. Show the ‘real side’ of a day in the life (expectations vs reality)
  11. Share a sneak peak of new product releases
  12. Create a challenge for customers to participate in
  13. Highlight a community member or employee
  14. Explain how and where customers can leave reviews
  15. Share operating hours and other commonly asked questions
  16. Show off new store visual updates
  17. Provide easy directions on how to find your storefront or park
  18. Ask the instagram audience if they would choose “this or that”
  19. Show off new merchandise and its features
  20. Make a tutorial of how to make/style/or use your products at home

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