Business Name:

Hushd Creations


Coquitlam, BC

About Us:

Hushd was created from a silent passion. Figuring out how to loop all of my (Founder Shifana) passions into something tangible, that I could enjoy doing and share with others, seemed like it was taking years; through a lot of self-realization, hard work and commitment, I am now so proud to be able to share my passion with all of you. My sole mission is to bring YOU joy and happiness through gift-giving.

Starting out with apparel and décor, and now branching out into the self-care/wellness/lifestyle space has been an incredible journey. I’m so excited about all of our new products and ideas that we have for the future and look forward to continuing on this venture with all of you!

Our mission is to provide customers with thoughtful gifts to express how they feel, without having to utter a word – a gift from the heart.

We offer personalization or customization on our products, to ensure that you get exactly what you want!
If you need a gift for a loved one or just something to treat yourself, you will be sure to find that special gift at hushd.

We Sell:

We sell lifestyle products that are both sustainable and all natural. Our product range includes: candles (non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free), body/linen/room sprays (non-toxic with anti-inflammatory properties), clothing (unisex), mugs, décor and so much more. You’ll have to come check us out to see our full lineup!

We offer customization and/or personalization on our products. We also offer wholesale options on select items. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your vision and how we can bring it to life!

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Supporting local means actively backing businesses, products, and services within one’s community. It involves actively choosing local options over big box corporations to uplift the local economy, create jobs, and foster a sense of community. It’s about valuing the unique and handmade offerings of local businesses and artisans.

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