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Vancouver, BC

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Our main objective at Holy Duck Chili is quite straightforward: to create a sauce that is so delectable, it gives you yet another reason to support small-scale enterprises. We strive to craft spicy sauces that is ‘so ducking delicious’ you will want to shop at your local butcher shop, fish market, cheese shop, bakery, and local gourmet grocery stores and cafes. Our award-winning Holy Duck Chili Oil is meticulously prepared using the finest natural local ingredients, resulting in a product that is bursting with exquisite flavors and mouthfeel. We want you to savor the unmistakable contrast between our sauces and the mass-produced alternatives commonly found in larger retail chains.

However, our mission extends far beyond simply creating a delectable sauce. We are equally dedicated to bolstering the small businesses in Vancouver and throughout Canada that have played a crucial role in our little journey. We firmly believe in the significance of supporting local businesses and the positive impact it has on communities and the environment. It fills us with immense pride to be an integral part of a like-minded community that shares our core values.

By choosing to purchase Holy Duck Chili, you are doing much more than acquiring a product; you are actively contributing to a movement. Your decision to support us translates into backing local farms, nurturing the environment, and bolstering the economy. It represents a meaningful step towards forging a sustainable future together.

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HOLY DUCK CHILI OIL- Canada’s very own Chili Crisp! Made from all-natural ingredients and proudly crafted in Vancouver, BC, Holy Duck’s chili oil recipe was inspired by the co-creators family’s household recipe but now, with a twist! Using finely and proudly Canadian rendered duck fat, Holy Duck’s collection of spicy condiments are ‘ducking delicious’!

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To Me, Supporting Local Means:

When you choose Holy Duck Chili, you become part of a larger movement. By supporting our sauce, you actively contribute to the growth and success of local farms, businesses, and communities. We are proud to be part of a vibrant community that shares our values of supporting local enterprises and fostering sustainable practices. Your shopping decision extends beyond acquiring a product. It represents a conscious choice to support local businesses and make a positive impact. By backing small-scale enterprises, you help create employment opportunities, strengthen local economies, and foster a sense of community. Moreover, by sourcing ingredients locally, we reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable farming practices, contributing to a healthier environment for future generations.

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