Business Name:

Helene and the Girl Creations


Vancouver, British Columbia

My Business Is:

Women Owned

About Me:

Originally from France , I have been raising 3 children , living in 6 countries before settling in Vancouver 8 years ago. My passion has always been connections. I am a former psychologist and a certified coach from UBC. After the difficult separation with the father of my children 5 years ago, I reconnected with my creativity and the powerful Girl was born. I finally embrace the legacy of female artists in my family!

My Art allows me to fully connect with people, culture, ideas, thoughts to bring new perspectives.The mission of The Girl is to facilitate conversations about mental health, resiliency to empower women. I lead workshops about mental health integrating creativity and meaningful conversations with the tool of The Girl. My abstract paintings are inspired by my colourful and rich experience of life and my love of calligraphy. My paintings reflect the importance of shifting perspectives and digging deeper for insights. From far you see something, but if you look a bit longer, closer you discover new things….

We Sell:

We sell original art, prints, greetings cards, and journals

A Must-Have Product Is:

The reflective journal of the Girl is a beautiful gift with lines or blank pages to doodle. The triptych of prints of the Girl to create a beautiful and thoughtful decoration and colourful abstract paintings

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means giving power back to small entrepreneur, being engaged and connected in our community, and decreasing the impact of the globalisation on the planet.


The mission of the Girl is to facilitate conversations about mental health, empowerment and women resiliency.

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