Business Name:

Haute Foods


Delta, BC

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

We’re changing the chili oil game with our not so secret family recipe using only 3 ingredients we’ve perfected our craft. We’re expanding the uses of chili oils to not only asian cuisines but every other cuisines in the world but without taking away from the dish. Our condiments enhances flavours but doesn’t change it’s flavours. Adding our addictive crispy garlic and or chili oils to anything will level up your meals!

We started this by fate really. Annie, the founder of the company had this chili and garlic oil just in the back of her pantry used for one dish only. That dish was her moms Laotion chicken noodle soup and because thats what she grew up knowing to eat it with, that’s all it was used for.

Fast forward to meeting her now husband, Peter, one day he tried this chili and garlic oil and thought wow, this is a really unique and delicious chili oil. One because of the crispy garlic (that stays crispy) and two that it was actually spicy. Although, we now have a mild version as well and an even hotter chili oil to appeal to all taste buds.

So Annie and Peter started experimenting and putting it on everything. To their surprise it went well with all types of foods, from pasta (our favourite), pizza, tacos, noodles, rice and soups and more.

What we love about our chili oil is it’s versatility and use in all types of ethnic foods without overpowering or taking away from the dish. You can even mix it with other sauces as well!

We Sell:

We sell Crispy garlic oil and Crispy Garlic Chili oils in 3 heat levels from Mild, Hot to Fire. Our mild and hot is more spicy than what you would find out there thats where we got our name from “Haute” = HOT. We also sell our products in gift sets of 3 in our beautiful box packaging.

All of our products are Vegan/Gluten Friendly, preservative, additive and sodium free!

It really depends on your spice tolerance but they’re all great depending how hot you an eat from no spice at all, our garlic to our fire that is for those who LOVE the burn!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Supporting local means helping small businesses try and succeed in a world full of big corporations that just keep getting bigger and are hard to compete against.

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