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Friday Media

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Women Owned

About Allie:

Hi, I’m Allie – I created FRIDAY media out of necessity. Prior to becoming a mom, I worked for multiple brands as their social media and marketing expert. It was a job I LOVED, but quickly noticed some flaws within the industry I hoped to one day address. Not only was the field primarily male dominated, but many marketing agencies seemed too cold and corporate for my liking. Once my youngest reached a year old, I decided to jump back into the marketing and digital media world, but this time, launching my own agency. This is how Friday came to be.

At Friday, our goal is to help female owned and operated entrepreneurs and brands reach the next level and grow to their fullest potential. I am extremely passionate about creating successful social media strategies and love helping our clients grow their community and brand. My biggest goal is for them to have an amazing experience when working with us.


We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, helping female owned businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through social media, coaching, website design, brand development, and so much more.

Social media management, content creation, brand development, website design, email marketing, and coaching.

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To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Uplifting and nurturing our community!

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