Yumasoy Foods Ltd.

Business Name: Yumasoy Foods Ltd. Location: Vancouver, BC About Us: Yumasoy Foods is a Vancouver-based, women-owned and operated company and is the parent company of Om Noms. We are on a mission to change the meat replacement game and bridge the gap between health and convenience by bringing high protein plant-based options to the market […]

8 Point Designs

Business Name: 8 Point Designs Location: Kelowna, BC About Us: At 8 Point Designs we create live edge products that allow our customers to bring the beauty of nature home! All of our lumber is sourced from 8 Point Acres overlooking Shuswap Lake and manufactured in Kelowna, BC. It doesn’t get much more local than […]

Meeshes Chili Oil

Business Name: Meeshes Chili Oil Location: Surrey, BC About Us: I have always loved to travel! Mexico being my first destination and where the love of spicy eats grew for me. After a few trips to Southeast Asia, eating being a highlight of all the trips, I fell in love with the spicy chili sauces […]


Business Name: ChefLaura Location: Vancouver, BC About Me: I believe that food should reflect the mood. I really make an effort to think ahead about how each dish should be prepared to really titillate the senses and add meaning to an event. Food gives life, true, but food also influences mood. The right combination of […]

The Candy Curio

Business Name: The Candy Curio Location: Langley, BC About Us: The Candy Curio came about because we saw the need to provide students and youth, especially with special needs the opportunity to gain work experience and skills in a supportive environment. As an Education Assistant in a high school, co-owner Katherine, has invited a number […]

Life Is Sweet Confections Ltd.

Business Name: Life Is Sweet Confections Ltd. Location: North Vancouver About Us: Hi there, my name is Liana Gerber. I am the creator, chocolatier, and owner of Life is Sweet Confections. This is my story… From a young age I have loved spending time baking, making cakes, and cooking for others. For years I made […]


Business Name: HOLY DUCK CHILI Location: Vancouver, BC About Us: Our main objective at Holy Duck Chili is quite straightforward: to create a sauce that is so delectable, it gives you yet another reason to support small-scale enterprises. We strive to craft spicy sauces that is ‘so ducking delicious’ you will want to shop at […]

OATME Superfood

Business Name: OATME Superfood Location: Vancouver About Us: We are Han and Jenny, the Founder/Co-Founder/Owners of OATME Superfood. Both of us are passionate fitness lovers. As someone who genuinely cared about our health and fitness, we always sought out the best and healthiest ways to nourish our body, especially when it comes to snacks and […]

Pinyon Products

Business Name: Pinyon Products Location: White Rock About Us: Pinyon Products helps to replace disposable items with reusable ones, taking small steps to lower our carbon foot print. We focus on creating products to help you live a more sustainable and waste-free life. All our filters and bags are made of 55% Hemp & 45% […]

Fanz Family Flavours

Business Name: Fanz Family Flavours Location: Chilliwack About Us: Worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years. Love developing new products and learning new skills. My wife and I had our first baby 10 years ago and I had to leave the industry for more of a daytime manufacturing job to be more present at […]